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Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Black Sea Report


On 15 February 2022 the JWC (Joint War Committee), added Ukrainian and Russian waters in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov to the HRA (High Risk Areas) through circular JWLA-028.

On 24 February, there were 120 ships moored under cargo operations in Ukrainian ports, with another 60 cargo ships waiting at anchor.  The Russian invasion into Ukraine saw vessels in anchorage being immediately instructed to leave the escalated risk area. On the morning of February 24th, the first 24 ships departed anchorage displaying destinations as: “Open Sea” and “For Orders”.

Vessels moored in Ukrainian port have remained alongside due to the suspension of operations in all Ukrainian sea ports.

On 24 February 2022, Russia suspended ship movements in the Azov Sea until further notice, following its move to launch military operations in the Donbas region of the Ukraine.

Ships leaving ports in the Black Sea
REACT shows ships fleeing the anchorages at the beginning of the military action on 24 February 2022
REACT shows shipping halted in the Azov Sea.

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