Supporting space ground infrastructure

The cyber protection of space ground infrastructure is a critical component of ensuring the integrity, reliability, and security of our space-based assets. Space ground infrastructure encompasses the numerous facilities, networks, and systems on Earth that support the operation, control, and communication with satellites and spacecraft. Protecting these assets against cyber threats is essential to prevent disruptions to satellite operations and maintain the functionality of critical space-based services.

Space ground infrastructure faces a range of cyber threats, including hacking attempts, malware infections, and denial-of-service attacks. Adversaries may seek to compromise ground stations, tracking systems, data centers, and communication networks to disrupt satellite operations or steal sensitive information.

As our reliance on space-based technologies continues to grow, the protection of space ground infrastructure is paramount. Effective cybersecurity measures are essential to maintain the functionality of our space assets, safeguard national security, and ensure the continuity of critical services that rely on satellite communication and data.

Skytek is supporting space ground infrastructure cyber protection through the development and integration of custom and novel software solutions to implement robust cybersecurity measures.