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Skytek Celebrates 20 Years of Supporting Human Spaceflight on the ISS with ESA and NASA

Skytek, a leading provider of intelligent software solutions for aerospace and critical industries, proudly celebrates 20 years of collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA, specifically supporting vital astronaut operations on the International Space Station (ISS). For two decades, Skytek's International Procedural Viewer (IPV) has served as the primary digital assistant for astronauts, guiding them through essential tasks with clear, step-by-step instructions. Revolutionising Procedures onboard the ISS

Imagine astronauts conducting complex experiments or maintaining delicate equipment in microgravity, all while receiving clear, real-time guidance. That’s the impact of IPV on the ISS. This intuitive system has:

Enhanced Safety: By minimising the risk of errors through precise instructions, IPV safeguards both astronauts and the ISS itself.

Increased Efficiency: Replacing paper manuals with digital access streamlines workflows, saving valuable time and cognitive load for astronauts.

Improved Collaboration: Seamless communication between astronauts and ground control, enabled by IPV, ensures successful mission execution.

A Legacy of Partnership and Innovation:

Over the past 20 years, Skytek has continuously refined IPV in collaboration with ESA and NASA, adapting it to the evolving needs of astronauts on the ISS. This dedicated partnership has:

  • Ensured smooth operations: From early assembly phases to groundbreaking scientific research, IPV has supported astronaut activities across the ISS’s lifespan.
  • Incorporated leading-edge technology: Recent updates have introduced features like voice control and real-time data integration, further enhancing astronaut situational awareness.
  • Paved the way for future missions: The lessons learned and technologies developed with IPV on the ISS provide invaluable insights for future endeavours like the Lunar Gateway.

“We are incredibly proud of our 20-year partnership with ESA and NASA,” said Paul Kiernan, Chief Techncial Officer (CTO) of Skytek.

“Their trust in Skytek’s solutions has helped revolutionise astronaut operations on the ISS, and we are excited to contribute our expertise to even more ambitious missions like the Lunar Gateway.”

Looking Ahead: Shaping the Future of Space Exploration:

As humanity sets its sights on the Moon and beyond, Skytek remains committed to supporting ESA and NASA with innovative solutions. While IPV continues to play a vital role on the ISS, Skytek’s expertise extends beyond this single platform. The company is actively involved in developing cutting-edge software tools for:

  • Mission planning and training: Empowering astronauts and ground control teams with advanced simulation and visualisation tools.
  • Real-time data analysis and decision-making: Providing critical insights during missions through intelligent data processing and visualisation.
  • Next-generation human-machine interfaces: Developing intuitive and adaptable interfaces for future spacecraft and lunar habitats.

By leveraging its experience and expertise, Skytek is proud to partner with ESA and NASA in pushing the boundaries of human space exploration, ensuring the safety, efficiency, and success of future missions that will take us further into the cosmos.

About Skytek

Skytek is a leading provider of intelligent software solutions for aerospace and critical industries. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, Skytek empowers professionals with intuitive and reliable tools to ensure safety, efficiency, and success in complex environments.

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