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Skytek launches ‘Satellite Club’

Putting Earth Observation & Satellite Technology in the hands of the Insurer

NASA award-winning software company Skytek today launched their new Satellite Club, created to make imagery from satellites more accessible for the insurance industry. The Club gives members access to information derived in real time from satellite images using   Skytek’s proprietary technology, augmented with expert analysis, as well as reports and advice on cost-effective tasking and procurement of satellite data.  As such it affordably places the regular deployment and guided use of satellites into insurers’ hands for the first time, empowering them to ‘task’ their own imagery.  

Club members also receive priority access to Skytek’s reports, which are generated in response to major events that affect our planet and the insurance industry.

Skytek has launched the Club in direct response to clients’ requests for bespoke reports, supporting both underwriting and claims assessment.  These reports provide powerful independent evidence to claims handlers post event: securing pre and post event imagery is a key feature of the new service, allowing the addition of the visual dimension to the information. 

Dr Sarah Bourke, Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder of Skytek, commented: “Satellite imagery is a critical tool for underwriters and claims experts in both assessing risk and dealing with losses. Skytek removes all the complexity and delivers imagery and reports to meet clients’ needs.  The Skytek expert team can assist with advice on sophisticated technical issues such as image resolution and type of imagery required.  Skytek has a deep understanding of space technology and currently supports the European Space Agency with their satellite data calibration and validation projects.

Our decades of experience working with NASA and the European Space Agency, has helped us to create this innovative package – combining low-cost satellite image acquisition with the image interpretation skills of our team, and our dedicated satellite resources, into one single easy subscription for insurers. Not only can we supply pre- and post-event imagery, but the Satellite Club’s expert team can also support insurers and brokers on portfolio analysis, providing risk scoring of assets, as well as expert witness and legal defence around image-based evidence.”

More information about Satellite Club can be found at

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